Happiness Forgets @ Lagos Theatre Festival

This week I’m in Africa to perform as part of the Lagos Theatre Festival.  I have been invited by the British Council to present my touring production of Happiness Forgets.

Happiness Forgets is a lecture, an ode and an elegy for our imperfect past, for the people we once were and can never be again. In this piece, Season Butler pins down the past, examines it under a microscope, charges it with electricity to see if she can make it dance.

Venue: University of Lagos (Main Auditorium) / Freedom Park (Museum)

Dates: Thursday 25 Feb, 5pm; Friday 26 Feb, 3pm & 6pm; Saturday 27 Feb, 3pm; Sunday 28 Feb, 3pm


About Lagos Theatre Festival: A partnership of the British Council and FirstBank

The Lagos Theatre Festival, which first launched in 2012, was born out of the need to create professional exchange opportunities between the Nigerian and British theatre makers, stimulating innovation in theatre practice and changing the face of performing arts in Nigeria.


British Council




2015 Co-commissioned by Fierce Festival, Chelsea Theatre (for Sacred), Colchester Arts Centre, Compass, Live Collision and Lancaster Arts.

Work developed during a Staycation Residency at Chisenhale Dance Space.

Photo: Christa Holka (2015)

Arts Council England